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Welcome to Online-Admin web page. This page presents Delphi/C++Builder component collections to simplify administration of Windows family of operating systems. These components greatly speed up development process. If you do not have a couple of weeks (months, years) to learn a new section of Windows API, but your project must be completed on schedule, then you came to the right place.
We made available the two component collections: NTSet and WMISet, as well as some freeware code. The former collection is based on the old plain native Windows API, which is widely used today, and has been deeply explored by the developers. The later one utilizes WMI technology. This technology is relatively new. It started from the late service packs of Windows NT. It often looses in performance to native API, but it exposes much richer administration capabilities.

Click here to read about NTSet component collection.
Click here to read about WmiSet component collection.

Patch for WmiSet released in June 2006
This patch fixes memory leak problem that affects TWmiPerformanceMonitor and TWmiStorageInfo components. The patch comes in the form of source code and is available for registered users.
NTSet 1.15b released in April 2006
  • The collection is compatible with Delphi 2006, C++Builder 2006.
  • Minor bug fixes
WmiSet 1.7, NTSet 1.15a released in February 2006
  • WmiSet 1.7
    • The collection got a new component TWmiPerformanceMonitor, which monitors performance of various parts of operating system
    • This version supports Delphi 5-7, 2005, 2006, C++Builder 6.
  • NTSet 1.15a
    • The collection is compatible with Delphi 2006.
    • Minor bug fixes
NTSet 1.15 released in October 2005
The collection got three new components:
  • TNTGroupPolicy: configures group policies on standalone computers or in Active Directory
  • TNTGroupPolicyBrowseDialog browses for existing group policy objects
  • TNTDirectoryContainerBrowseDialog browses for Active Directory containers
This version supports Delphi 5-7, 2005, C++Builder 6. Registered users of WmiSet may download the version of that is source-code compatible with this NTSet 1.15.
Preview of WmiSet 1.6.5 for Delphi 2005 released in December 2004
The source code is compatible with Delphi 2005, Win32 edition. Registered users can download the source code. The official release along with shareware version is scheduled for January 2005. More ...
WmiSet 1.6 released in December 2003
The collection got the two new components:
  • TWmiSystemEvents reacts to the events happening on the network computers. It has 17 pre-defined event handlers and allows to register for the new types of events on the fly.
  • TWmiMethod can execute the methods of WMI objects. I has a simple interface that allows to test method calls even at design time! A lot of examples included.
WmiSet 1.5 released in August 2003
The collection got the two new components:
  • TWmiOs monitors operating system on the network computers. It reports/updates more than 60 different OS settings and can reboot computers remotely.
  • TWmiRegistry can read and write system registry, pretty much like standard VCL class TRegistry. This component can connect to remote computers with different credentials than those of currently logged on user.
NTSet 1.14 released in July 2003
The new component has been released: TNTFirewall. The component configures firewall settings for Windows XP and Server 2003 operating systems. More ...

WmiSet 1.4 released in April 2003
The component collection got a couple of new components. Now you can query configuration information from computers on the network. The queries are expressed in WQL: SQL-like language. For example, you may retrieve all the computer accounts with query "SELECT * FROM Win32_Account". More ...
This site goes life in March 2003 has been around for years. It served as a secure download area for registered users of NTSet. Now it got its own identity!